Week 5 . Conclusion on Ireland.


Ireland:  an emblematic country? An exception? An interesting example to ‘introduce’ the land issue regarding the role of the British Empire and the Commonwealth ? Imagine your conclusion.

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28 février 2023

Semester 2 , L2, Group 3, Programme

Week 1: February 8th, Presentation of semester 2 . MCQ + role plays  

Week 2: February 15th, Representation and reception of the image of indigenous people in the mid-Victorian and Edwardian British public sphere. The case of the Zulu people. / Introduction to several films connected to the British Empire  and Commonwealth countries.

Week 3, March 1st ,  Discussion on films . See my questions + extra elements. Focus on your selection of films + Focus on Ken Loach’s film “The Wind that shakes the Barley” , 2006.

Week 4, March 8th , Feedback on last week’s work + Focus on Ireland, from “a self-governing dominion within the British Empire” to “a  former member of the Commonwealth” (1922 -1949).

Week 5, March 15th , Focus  on the small states: 32 of the world’s 42 small states are CW members. Part 1/ 2

Week 6, March 22 nd, Focus  on the small states: 32 of the world’s 42 small states are CW members. Part 2/ 2   

Week 7,  March 29th, Land restitution : Case study

Week 8, April 8th,  ?????

Week 9, TEST

Week 10, ????

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27 février 2023

Week 3, Wednesday 1st March 2023, The British Empire and the Commonwealth: Focus on a few films

Next Wednesday, we will focus on cinema using the questions I have already posted in my mini-filmography ( see below). Your answers will be the starting point of our discussion. We will only focus on 2 or 3 films only.  


A selection of films on the British Empire or the Commonwealth:

Which country (population etc.)  is concerned ? Fiction film ? Biopic ? Is it a blockbuster or not ? Has it received awards ? interesting elements we should know about the film or about its topic?

Which perspective is adopted? Historical and political context? What about the film director ? What is his/her message?

What is the link with our topic?

What about your opinion? Other elements etc..


The Wind That Shakes The Barley Affiche du film Poster Movie ...

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17 février 2023

SEMESTER 2, L2, Group 3



The British Empire & the Commonwealth

Focus on the cinema

See link to the mini filmography in the attached file. Great_men_and_women

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08 février 2023

SEMESTER 2 , February- May 2023

Hello ,

See you this afternoon for the English class , ROOM IV at 14h00.

Have a good morning.

P. Crouan-Véron


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16 décembre 2022

INFO ... INFO ... INFO ...


- I've sent back several feedbacks (detailed evaluations)  on your News review and still have 1 or 2 feedbacks to send back ( 1 news review + 2 rattrapages) . You will receive them by the end of the day or tomorrow.


- I will also post my PP Presentation on the Representation of the "Other" in the British Empire + a note (enriched with your latest remarks) on this blog by the end of this week.


I wish you a very MERRY Xmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR


Patricia Crouan-Véron



Merry christmas background Images | Free Vectors, Stock ...

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29 novembre 2022

NEWS REVIEW, Juiette MACE-VIOT & Jeremy NENEZ, Cop 27 and the CW

Click on the link below Doc1_1_1__JULIETTE_MACE_VIOT_JEREMY_NENEZto see read the article and the WB :

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